Spindle Self Serve

Spindle Self Serve is an online portal offering 24/7 access

Integrating with Sage 200

Spindle Self Serve – Online Portal for Sage 200

Integrating with Sage 200, Spindle Self Serve is an online portal offering 24/7 access to your customers and staff to financial and accounting information. Customers have ‘self-service’ access to their own accounts, so will always have the information to hand to pay you on time, reducing queries made via a telephone call or email. Whether in the office or working remotely, your internal staff can use Spindle Self Serve to view customer accounts and documents without the need to access Sage.

24/7 online portal

  1. Select to view Dashboard, Orders or Invoices.
  2. Customers only have access to their own online account.
  3. See Account Terms, Balance and Credit Limit.
  4. See Invoice & Credit History
  5. Download original PDF’s
    (requires Spindle Document Management)
  6. Monthly turnover view
  7. See Order and return detail
  8. Click on Order or Invoice to drill down to view detail

Features & Benefits

Clean & simple dashboard

Your customers can see a complete overview of their account including an account summary, recent orders, invoices and credit history.

Your company, Your portal

Customise with your company branding, using your logo and colour schemes, to assure your customers they are in the right place.

View and download documents

A complete document history of invoices, credit notes and statements. Link with Spindle Document Management to download PDF copies (need Spindle Document Management).

View order history

See all past orders on the history tab, includes a live order status to indicate if the order is despatched, in progress or on hold.

Internal users

Purchase additional licences for internal staff to access all customer accounts and documents without the need to access Sage 200.

Unlimited External Users

Let your customers help themselves to what they need at any time. No need to make a phone call or send a call to make their request.

Additional modules are available

to optimise Spindle Self Serve to suit your business requirements.


Advertise multiple sales promotions to various types of customers. Change the message seasonally and only make visible to certain customers or users.

Online Ordering

It’s quick and easy to set up online ordering. Your customers can place orders with you 24/7 and staff can log orders on customers’ behalf.

External Stock View

Customers (external users) can check stock and prices before placing an order.

Internal Stock View

Your staff (Internal users) can check stock levels without the need to use Sage.

Integrates with Sage 200

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