System Support

We build a tailor made telephone support contract

using a pricing matrix for the number of PC's, printers, servers etc.

System Support

Network Support

We pride ourselves in maintaining long term relationships with our customers by providing an excellent end to end service. In many cases we are a direct extension to small and medium businesses, providing them with a complete, seamless IT resource so that they can focus on growing their business without having to worry about systems running smoothly.

System Support – Aztech is able to offer tailor-made, daily, IT resource support.

We have found that often software projects are held up due to the lack of available internal resource in busy, growing companies. The very software that will save your business time and improve accurate reporting can not be implemented as there is no internal `expert’ to run it. Aztech can take away that headache by not only providing systems support during the set up but also regular contact afterwards to trouble shoot and train as required to get the most out of the system.

There is no need to invest in a permanent IT salary. Aztech will help you scope the project in 3 stages and provide appropriate resource accordingly:


  • Data cleansing to ensure accuracy of information being transferred – for example:
    • ‘Not sold’ reports to identified discontinued skus
    • Credit and debtor accounts to identify outstanding balances
    • Category coding – making sure products are correctly identified
    • Backing up data


An agreed schedule of works which may include cabling and hardware can be completed outside of office hours to limit disruption. Software will be tested in a ´sandbox´ off line to ensure data accuracy. Aztech will provide training to users to make sure full functionality is realised.

Follow-up & On-going Support

Aztech can complete the rollout with tailored training – whether one to one or in groups. We are then available for as much or as little as required, either on-site or via remote link-up to trouble shoot and provide further training. Our remit can be extended to include business networking hardware including server hosting, storage and back up.

You do not need to have a trained IT professional in your business to benefit from a systems upgrade.

We usually find that our customers are saving more time and money when installing or upgrading software with Aztech’s expertise on-hand, as it can be fast tracked through the business. This means our customers can be quicker to respond to the demands of ever- changing markets and legislation, thus becoming more competitive and saving time, money and resources.

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