Spindle Report Scheduler

Spindle Report Scheduler offers automated report generation

Integrates with Sage 200

Spindle Report Scheduler – Automate Report Distribution

Applicable to all Sage users, Spindle Report Scheduler provides automation of reports by setting up a delivery schedule.

  • Automate the distribution of your reports to any user with an email address in any format
  • In-built add-on module for Sage 200 saves time by taking Sage Reports and automating their delivery
  • Data will remain updated each time a report is distributed
  • Explores your data on your behalf and sends reports onwards within your business.
  • Collects information from multiple data sources using the Sage Report Designer
  • Create and deliver smart business solutions direct to your inbox
  • Helps you to plan and make better information decisions about your organisation
  • Report across your business and easily distribute reports to your management team
  • Schedule reports to run automatically from report management panel.
  • Recognises individual preferences which enables you to send reports to everyone in their preferred format
  • Access your optimised reports on your mobile and receive business intelligence wherever you are.
  • Access all historical information, analyse trends and see patterns from reports from within the Spindle Report Scheduler Spooler screen

Features & Benefits

Integrates with Sage 200

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