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Sage Construction

The Sage range of Construction Solutions can help save time, manage cash flow, reduce liability and increase profits through business-wide financial control. For help deciding which solution would be best for your specific business requirements, please refer to the information below:

Sage Construction

Sage 50 CIS

Provides automated subcontractor CIS processing from invoice entry, subcontractor verification through the Internet Submissions module and the generation of monthly HMRC figures (CIS 300), monthly online submissions and subcontractor reporting. You’ll have all your Government Gateway account information and subcontractor details stored securely in one place – making it easy to track transactions and tax payments, comply with the new legislation and send the necessary reports to HMRC.

Sage 50 and 200 Construction

Complete contract cost control
You gain the support of a comprehensive system that controls costs on contracts, meets contract budgets, tracks subcontractor insurances and easily generates purchase orders for subcontractors, materials, & plant hire, with additional tracking of subcontractor applied values, materials delivered and On/Off-hire dates.

Compliance with HMRC legislation
You can ensure accurate recording, verifying and reporting to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on subcontractor tax (CIS).

Cost reduction
Through the elimination of duplicate labour, subcontract, and material processing, overhead costs are reduced.

Enquiry to Contract Management
Enquiries can be handled from receipt, through supplier/subcontractor enquiry, to cost comparison and quote production, with all information being transferred into contracts, with no re-keying of data. Valuations, Applications, Certificates, Payments, & Invoices may all be produced recording important contract information such as retentions and discounts.

A solution for rapid growth
Sage 50 Construction software users who are experiencing rapid growth can upgrade easily and benefit from the additional functionality that the Sage 200 Suite offers.

Key Features and Benefits

‘No Delay’ cost control

Enables management and contracting staff to have up-to-date information on all contracts the moment transactions are entered, with full drill down from subcontractor and supplier, through analysis codes and groups to transaction detail line. Full visibility of contract information ensures you can make more insightful business decisions and keep control of cash flow.

Budget costs

Allows you to constantly monitor actual costs against estimated/budget costs, ensuring that overspends are immediately highlighted.


Deducts, records and reports on both subcontract and sales retentions ensuring liabilities are reduced and outstanding monies are claimed. In some cases this could equate to 5% of company revenue unclaimed from customers, making this a valuable tool for any contractor.

Subcontractor self-billing

Records applications and generates both self-billing and authenticated receipts, with automated retentions, CITB deductions, discounts and CIS processing. Helping you save time by eliminating manual processes.

Sales self-billing

Provides the essential construction application, certification and payment receipt processes including retentions and discounts, enabling the handling of the complex VAT requirements.

Aged application reporting

Assists credit control by generating reports showing monies applied for, certified and paid, by client and/or contract. Helping you keep control of cash flow to ensure jobs are not delayed.

Stock control links

Allows the management of stock movements, deliveries and supplier prices on the purchase order giving increased purchasing control. The supplier list price can be used, increasing accuracy and removing the need for re-key data.

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