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Bronze Support is the foundation on which the other "bolt on" levels of support sit on.  We build a tailor made telephone support contract using a pricing matrix for the number of PC's, printers, servers etc. that you have.  This provides basic telephone support.  You can then "bolt on" any of our other proactive services to suit your needs.

We ask that you select a member of staff to be the designated point of contact for your business, we recommend that this person be competent with your IT systems and if possible trained to MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) level. We can supply training and exams if required.  Once you have this person in place that person can put a support call in to our engineers.

Our engineers will talk your MCP through the issue and endeavor to fix it remotely, first by phone and then with permission and where possible by dialing in to the problem machine via PCAnywhere software and taking control of the machine directly.  We will also configure back-up and antivirus software to send E-mail alerts to both and your MCP, allowing us to see issue's as they happen.

Some issues cannot be fixed remotely, in this case a site visit will be made chargeable at our standard hourly rate.

Bronze Telephone Support

  • Annual Telephone Support Contract
  • MCSE engineers available by telephone during business hours
  • Recommended that one member of staff be MCP trained. This is not essential but can be a big benefit.  Low cost home study courses and instructor led courses are available.
  • PcAnywhere remote management software included.
  • Very Competitive pricing worked up from a pricing matrix.  (see brochure, downloadable above)

Bronze level telephone support is designed to aid a member of your staff in looking after your IT network. Our Consultants and Engineers are able to help you administer your network to suit your needs, recommend and organise training courses for your staff and provide various levels of support afterwards

Silver Support

  • Includes all the benefits of Bronze Support, but there is no requirement for an MCP trained member of staff.
  • Limited Engineer time On-site every week or month, you need no in-house IT knowledge and our staff member will ensure your systems are running smoothly.

Silver Support is designed to give your management and staff peace of mind that a skilled engineer is available on a regular basis.

This support is very flexible and therefore pricing is subject to survey and discussion of your individual requirements.  The added value of Silver Support 'Bolt On' is that for an agreed amount of time each week/month one of our engineers will be available onsite

They will carry out health checks and run tests to ensure the correct operation of your systems. This allows your staff to put together a weekly/monthly to-do list of all the non-urgent tasks that may need to be carried out.

Gold Support

  • Includes all the benefits of Bronze Support, but there is no requirement for an MCP trained member of staff.
  • Aztech provides an engineer onsite every day for a specified number of hours (not usually exceeding four) you need no in-house IT knowledge

Gold Support is designed to give growing companies an option of support before having to employ a full time IT manager, which saves on a £40,000 a year salary.

Our contract gives you support onsite every day and provides a technical account manager who will integrate as a member of staff within your company's organization. This technical account manager will function like a part time IT support employee allowing your staff to put calls and problems to him or her throughout the day for a fast and informed response.

Because we supply a dedicated account manager we ensure that he/she learns about your company. builds a relationship with your staff/management and provides consultancy on IT related business issues facing your company.

Gold Support in short, is a tailor-made, daily, IT support resource.

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