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Moving or reorganizing buildings is a complicated task.  When data and power cabling is involved it makes deadlines and budgets all the more critical. Aztech have years of experience in building fit out services, including full data cabling and comms room building. Our other building services, include Power cabling and protection, Air Conditioning, Anti-Static flooring, racking, back-up generators and environmental monitoring.

These services compliment each other and we provide support contracts to cover the equipment so you have total peace of mind.

Aztech can provide project management for your building fit out contract, please contact us for specific information.

NetShelter VS is APC's performance-based enclosure solution, ideal for medium density datacenters where floorspace is of utmost importance. NetShelter VS addresses many of the emerging trends and issues IT managers face today by incorporating new features and benefits that allow customers to create a more effective IT environment. Increasing power densities have led to a need for enclosures that provide superior ventilation. The desire for quick deployment of IT solutions has led to a need for enclosure solutions that are easy to use and install. NetShelter VS enclosures have been designed with all of these trends in mind.

HP sets the standard for performance and value in the enterprise with the Rack 10000 Series family. This enterprise-class rack cabinet system combines next-generation structural integrity and ease of use capabilities to deliver industry-leading performance. Ideal for onsite assembly of rack mounted ProLiant, Alpha, and Tandem servers, workstations, networking, and StorageWorks products, the 10000 Rack Series of cabinets, complement and protect your customer's investment in technology. Specifically designed to ensure outstanding performance and seamless integration throughout the entire enterprise, the Rack 10000 could easily be the last family of racks that you ever have to buy.

UPS Protection

Power protection for your business critical servers and systems has to be a consideration. Lost data and down time  from power outages can cost small and large companies a big percentage of their profit.

To counter this Aztech can work out loading and supply best of breed Uninterruptible Power Supply's to smooth out power fluctuations and provide a suitable amount of battery run time should the power fail. In addition to the basic functions of a UPS Aztech can configure additional software to shut down your servers safely and securely should the power go off and stay off.

If your Comms room is providing services to other parts of the world or is running a business critical web site that cannot go down.  Then we have options for back-up generators to provide power to the entire room in the event of a power failure. These generators can be loaded to provide power for lighting, air conditioning and wall sockets within your comms room, making it a true 24x7x365 environment.

Our environmental monitoring hardware can link into the above systems and alert you the moment the UPS or Generator is required to cut in.

Aztech provide two options for our customers that require UPS protection.  We are proud to be an APC reseller and have had much success installing their UPS products and racking over the years to all sizes of companies. APC UPS 's provide excellent quality and warranty as well as some cutting edge features.

However it is not always possible to meet everyone's needs from a single portfolio of products. For this reason we can supply tailored UPS systems from a UK manufacturer with support contracts included.  This allows us to deliver the exact requirements for a very keen price.

The tailored solution works well for environments that require total protection.  i.e. An entire room with Air conditioning running from a UPS system.


Internal LAN (Local Area Network) Connectivity:

Aztech can provide consultancy, design, installation and support for your business network needs.  This includes data cabling, telephone systems, wireless networking and network security .  We only use best of breed products and all our work is certified by the relevant trade standard.

External WAN connectivity,  Home users and satellite offices:

Most modern companies now have at the very least a number of staff that periodically work from home or are field based. These people need access to the company network on a regular basis.  Aztech can provide services that help your choose a method for your staff to access business systems, whether it be by dial up or web services and can also design and implement the services once a decision has been made.

In recent years we have seen a large number of companies consolidating by acquisition, this leads to companies growing fast and having to provide services to more employees spread over more offices.  Connecting these offices together so business critical applications, can be rolled out company wide is essential to keeping running costs under control.  Aztech can connect your offices regardless of how large or small your requirement is using the latest technology that suites your needs.  With your offices connected you can start to benefit from applications like “Voice Over IP” and “Instant messaging” allowing your staff to work together and communicate faster.

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