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Anti Static

Aztech have been supplying building services to our customers for the last four years, originally just offering data cabling services we have now grown this area of business into managed solutions for companies moving into new premises, upgrading old premises or fitting out dedicated IT Comms rooms.  We offer all aspects of a fit out project, including design, consultancy and project management.

Taking Antistatic precautions in the Comms Room or IT work area can prevent expensive damage by accidental static charge release from employees or contractors.  There are many different types of flooring now available and Aztech will provide a consultant to help you decide which product will meet your needs and budget.  Once you have placed an order one of project managers will look after the installation of the flooring and ensure that all your needs and requests are met.

Backup Power

In recent years Global businesses have been slowly consolidating by acquisition and mergers to form larger companies spread over more offices internationally. This process is now filtering down slowly and many UK based companies are beginning to buy other business's relevant to their industry. One purpose of consolidation is to centralize many internal business services that may be duplicated such as admin., accounts, marketing etc... Because of this change in the way companies are structuring themselves, many will find they have crucial business applications running from one site.  These applications are often the cash machine of the business and downtime can be measured in money lost per hour.

Because of this exposure to disaster by power loss or data corruption, Aztech now offer the supply of Redundant power systems that can keep your critical business solutions running even if power is lost to the building. This means other offices that are using your HQ's servers for E-mail or ERP solutions can carry on working minimizing the effect on the company overall.

These systems usually consist of UPS systems to bridge any immediate loss in power with back-up generators to cut in automatically and supply power to the Comms room until the main power is back on. Aztech can also provide sophisticated alarm systems that alert your IT team to changes in the temperature, presence of smoke, fire, loss of power or a water leak within a Comms room.


Maintaining the correct temperature for your IT Comms room is essential if you are to avoid overheating and equipment failure.  Aztech have services available to design, install and support an air cooling system to meet your needs.

Unfortunately no piece of equipment is full proof, therefore you know at some point your air conditioning may fail.  The implications for this often extend to IT systems shutting down on automatic temperature switches causing loss of revenue and much pain for an IT dept.

Being alerted of temperature changes in your controlled environment or Comms room will allow your IT Dept. to respond in good time, before the situation becomes critical. Ask about our Environmental Monitoring Systems for further information. These systems can alert your staff of temperature, humidity, smoke or fluid changes in an environment, sending E-mails and or pager alerts.

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